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COP21: winning the "Carbon War"?



Date: 30 11 2015 19:00

Place: British Council, 9 rue de Constantine, 75007 Paris  |  City: Paris, France

COP21: winning the "Carbon War" ?

Speaker : Jeremy LEGGETT, Chairman of Carbon Tracker and Founder of SolarCentury and SolarAid (full Bio below); followed by Q&As


  • When : Monday, 30th of November, 7:00pm
  • Where : British Council @ 9, rue de Constantine, 75007 Paris
  • Who : Open to all, but limited spaces so book tickets ASAP
  • Tickets : 5€ (incl. drinks & nibbles), book online at:


Jeremy Leggett is Chairman of Carbon Tracker, a financial think tank focussed on risk in carbon–fuel investment that has won global traction with its arguments since 2011.He is also Founding Director of SolarCentury, one of the world’s most admired solar energy companies, and Founder and Chairman of SolarAid, a charity set up with 5% of Solarcentury’s annual profits.

In a first career, Leggett was an award-winning earth scientist on the “other side” of energy: on the faculty at the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, researching among other things shale deposits, funded among others by BP and Shell. Described by The Observer as “Britain’s most respected green energy boss,” he has been an Entrepreneur of the Year at the New Energy Awards, and a CNN Principal Voice. His many awards include the US Climate Institute’s Award for Advancing Understanding, UK Climate Week's Most Inspirational Person Award, Outstanding Individual Award at the 2013 international Solar Industry Awards, and at the 2014 Business Green Leaders Awards, Champion of the Year in promoting the green economy. In 2015, he won a Gothenburg Prize. He was the first person to be appointed a Hillary Laureate for International Leadership on Climate Change (2009).

He is author of five books, all of them critically-acclaimed. Currently he is writing a serialised book of front-line energy-and-climate diaries, published monthly, The Winning of the Carbon War. He lectures on short courses in business and society at the universities of Cambridge and St Gallen.


9 Rue de Constantine, 75007 Paris, France








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